I am looking for…

Heroic Work-Life Gamers (full-time)

I have a new idea. I am on a quest to save the world from dangerous organizations, horrible teams, and terrible managers. It’s going to be an exciting and risky adventure. I’m looking for wizards and warriors, builders and burglars. Together, we will create a deadly weapon of mass instruction that’s going to help us liberate all workers-in-distress.

Do you want to create a meaningful game?
Do you want to work from anywhere at any time?
Do you want to help invent a super-flexible organization?

Get a job on the Agility Scales team.

Our work will satisfy your needs for curiosity, mastery, freedom, purpose, and status. In return, we expect you to be a versatile team player.

Your Gamer Skills

You are a T-Skilled Player. You can do web design and content management. Or you are a game developer and also a community manager. Or you like developing smartphone apps and you excel at social media marketing. In other words, you will work at a startup. You get shit done. Whatever. You look at this list of roles and you think, “F*ck, I see myself five times here!”

Web Designer – Web Developer – App Designer – App Developer – Game Designer – Game Developer – System Designer – System Developer – Business Designer – Business Developer – Agile Coach – Design Thinker – Community Manager – Content Developer – Content Manager – Social Media Marketer – Financial Administrator – Awesome Team Mate

The Meaning of Your New Work-Life

With your help, we will gamify the transformation of big business. We will make an app and a platform that measures the continuous improvement of teams. We will build a social environment for cross-company collaborative quests and challenges. We will offer an exciting landscape of topics and practices covering all relevant methods and frameworks. And together with me, you will build it; you will use it, and you will sell it.

The Obligatory Bullet Points

  • You love turning anarchy into structures.
  • You dislike bureaucracy and you embrace the unknown.
  • You love experimenting and don’t mind failing fast and often.
  • You like games, AI, big data, economics, psychology, and sociology.
  • And you embrace the most difficult challenge of all: working with Jurgen Appelo.

The team will start with one rule:

If it’s not worth playing, it’s not worth doing.

You will help us create the other rules.

What You Bring to the Team

Limitless curiosity – Amazing talents – Fierce independence – Relentless teamwork – Boundless creativity – Great proficiency in the English language

Where in the World Is This Job?

You can operate from anywhere because all your base are belong to us. But you get extra points for living in the North-West of Europe, where we locate our Central Command. And the espresso machine.

Time Investment

The more effort you can put in, the better. The team will be your hobby. Sleep is optional.

Benefits and Perks

Whatever we can agree on, but you get extra points for minding the new company’s cash flow, which (at this time) has the size of an angry bird’s egg.

Wanna join the adventure?

P.S. Hey! Maybe this is not a good moment for you to switch jobs. But I’m sure you know someone who needs a more gameful work-life? Feel free to forward this message. My big thanks!

Jurgen Appelo
Top 50 Leadership Expert, Top 50 Leadership Innovator